Susanne Sundfør’s selt-titled debut.

Susanne Sundfør’s 2007 album, “Susanne Sundfør” is probably some of the best music I’ve heard in a while. This is not for the metal heads or electronic lovers. Sundfør’s music falls within the sonic sisterhood of traditional folk artists of the 60’s and 70’s: Joni Mitchell, with the delightful eccentricities of Regina Spektor. Suggested by Norway’s own Maria Mena (US: “You’re the Only One”), a pop singer/songwriter who mentioned in her Twitter (@mariamenamusic) that the melody for her European single “Just Hold Me” was inspired by Sundfør’s “Gravity.” The album mixes traditional folk melodies and lyrics with alternative pop elements, largely focusing on lyric, guitar, and piano with the occasional instrumental interlude.


I Resign (4:19)
The Waves (0:55)
Dear John, (3:18)
Walls (4:24)
Gravity (4:25)
Moments (4:37)
The Dance (3:23)
Morocco (4:34)
Torn to Pieces (3:16)
Day of the Titans (5:03)
After You Left [Hidden Track] (11:59)

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